Welcome to the Natural Nutrition Coach® Program


Welcome to the Natural Nutrition Coach® Certificate Program. This program provides a foundation for implementing a natural foods diet as a primary modality in the pursuit of health and the prevention of chronic disease. The course is a combination of textbook(s) (PDF) reading and short videos, with a brief quiz following the completion of each module. At the end of the course is a multiple-choice/true or false online exam (pass mark: 80%).

Course Format:

  1. Course Manuals (downloadable PDFs) in 6 modules
  2. Quiz following each module (6 quizzes in total)
  3. Videos that correspond to the course manuals
  4. Multiple-choice online exam (80% or higher required to pass exam)
  5. Resource library and forms
  6. BONUS course Nutrition Business Essentials (Module 7)

The Introduction Module pdf. contains the complete index for all the course texts.

How to Navigate This Course:

The course has been organized into Modules, and progression through the Modules is based on the successful completion (80% pass mark) of the quiz at the end of each Module and mandatory viewing of the videos in Modules 2, 3 and 4.

As you progress through each Module, read the provided Section texts, and watch the videos. As you finish the Section lesson, click complete and continue in the blue bar at the top to proceed. You can always return to a previous lesson.

You can download the Section texts and save them for offline reading, or just read them online. When you download the pdf, (link is below the Section pdf), you are able to open it in a larger window for easier viewing. In Modules 2, 3 and 4, the recommendation is to download the two Sections in the Module, clicking complete and continue after doing so, in order to have access to the videos in that Module, as you are reading the texts. There are prompts to let you know when to watch the video that accompanies the text, or you can watch them after you have read the entire Section. Once you feel comfortable with the material, you can write the quiz, which consists of multiple choice questions. The quiz is marked automatically upon submission and is a great way to test your knowledge as you progress through the course. You can re-write the quiz as necessary to achieve the 80%.  It’s important to watch the videos, as some of the questions in the quizzes and the Final Exam are based on materials covered in the videos.

Once you have completed Modules 1 through 5, you will have access to Module 6, the Resource Library, which contains the printable copies of the handouts and exercises and a downloadable copy of the complete Nutrition manual containing all 8 Sections and includes the key terms.

Module 7 contains instructions on how you can access the Bonus course, Nutrition Business Essentials. You must complete the business course and write the quiz prior to gaining access to the Final Exam.

The Final Exam consists of 180 multiple choice questions from the material in the texts and the videos. Upon the successful completion of the Exam, you can download your Certificate of Completion.

At any time if you have questions, please email [email protected].

We are excited to have you become part of our Natural Nutrition Coach® community!

When you have finished reading this letter, click complete and continue at the top of your screen to progress.

Heather Creamer


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